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Dodik: Lagumdzija must go, Bosnia won't survive

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Milorad Dodik

Milorad Dodik

Izvor: Pixsell / Autor: Dejan Moconja/VLM/PIXSELL

Republika Srpska (RS) President Milorad Dodik reiterated on Wednesday that he would insist on the replacement of Bosnian Foreign Minister Zlatko Lagumdzija, once again said that Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) could not survive, and announced that the Bosnian Serb entity would pursue plans to gain independence.

In an interview with RS Television, Dodik said the deputies of his Alliance of Independent Social Democrats party would raise the issue of Lagumdzija's replacement in the state parliament because of his instruction to the Bosnian representative to the UN to vote for a resolution on Syria, although the Bosnian Presidency had not taken a uniform position on the matter.

Dodik said it was not possible to discuss any other issue in the state parliament until Lagumdzija resigned or was replaced. He added that there could be no compromise on this issue.

Commenting on the situation in the country, Dodik said the Lagumdzija issue was another proof that Bosnia and Herzegovina did not work. He said BiH was actually not a state, "unlike RS", which he said was one de facto.

"RS is a state in everything bar the ignoring on the part of some," he said, adding that the entity had its government, its territory and ensured the respect of human rights, which he said made it a state under international standards.

"I'm not interested in BiH and in BiH's European future," Dodik said, adding that BiH was merely a state union whose survival would come into question "when the attention of the big powers weakens one day."

"It's logical for RS to consider what to do next," he said, drawing a parallel with the break-up of the former Yugoslavia. "BiH is a shackle on RS and its development and we are fighting to break this shackle," said Dodik.

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