Knin: Situation in fire-hit area under control

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Požar i eksplozija kod Knina (10)

Požar i eksplozija kod Knina (10)

Izvor: Pixsell / Autor: Ivo Cagalj/PIXSELL

There are no detonations in the warehouse of the former Stara Straza military barracks near Knin but new ones have not been ruled out, the State Protection and Rescue Department said at 5.50pm on Wednesday, adding that six aircraft were cleaning out the burnt area.

After a meeting of a local crisis management committee in Knin, President Ivo Josipovic told the press it was fortunate that no one had been injured in the explosions, adding that military and civilian services had done their utmost to evacuate the civilians and soldiers who were in danger because of the explosions and the blaze.

The blaze and the blasts were hard to predict but they have shown that, because of the system's readiness, there have been no civilian or military victims, said Josipovic.

The fire was quick and strong, but civilian and military persons have done everything to stop the fire and minimise the damage, and the soldiers risked their lives trying to prevent the fire from reaching the military warehouse, said Josipovic.

Asked who was responsible for the accident, he said that if anyone was, it would be established, but called it a chance occurrence.

After the crisis management committee meeting, Knin Mayor Josipa Rimac told the press there would be no evacuations of locals residents.

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