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HSP calls for broadcasting anti-EU videos

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europska unija anti eu

europska unija anti eu

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Croatian Party of Rights (HSP) leader Daniel Srb on Wednesday called on national broadcasters and commercial media to enable the broadcasting of anti-EU video clips under the same conditions as advertisements in favour of Croatia's prospective membership in the European Union.

The president of this nonparliamentary party said at a news conference in Zagreb that "Croatian citizens have the right to correct information about such an important topic."

He said that the HSP had prepared videos showing protests and unrest in some Union members, triggered off by the dissatisfaction of people with the situation in the EU.

Srb said that the Croatian government had earmarked HRK 4.8 million for the promotion of Croatia's admission to the EU, and that the Croatian authorities had so far said that they would not finance videos that would inform the Croatians about problems in the 27-strong bloc.

He said that unlike the Croatian government, the European Parliament allowed views against the EU, and added that the EP had financed the HSP leaflets entitled "Do you want Croatia to end up like Greece?" which the party planned to distribute throughout the country.

"The HSP is against Croatia's entry into the EU for political, historical and economic reasons," Srb said, adding that "Croatia has no good historical experience with its membership in supranational state unions."

He said that 22 January as the date for the EU entry referendum is not appropriate and that it would be better to postpone the referendum until the end of February in order to enable citizens to be "fairly and truly informed".

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