'Change course!'

Croatians called to join massive May Day anti-gov't protest rally

26.04.2013 u 16:10


Leaders of five trade union federations on Friday again called on citizens to turn out in large numbers for a May day rally in Zagreb's main square to protest against the government's policies, under the motto "Change course!"

The union leaders said they expected a lot of people to join 15-20,000 union members because of a great interest being shown by many organisations and associations, including war veterans and the Catholic Church, and because the union rally was becoming a massive public protest.

"We have invited all citizens to the protest rally and we don't care who will come and who will take advantage of it politically. It's a protest against this government's policies. Had its policies been better, there would probably be no protest," said Independent Trade Unions (NHS) president Kresimir Sever.

The unions demand higher taxes for the banks and the financial sector, an end to the austerity policy, jobs, higher wages and pensions. They have sent 21 demands to the government, as a reminder of the ruling coalition's Agenda 21 election platform. "It is high time you changed course. You have been chosen by the people, you will be removed by the people," the unions said.