'Crime of intimidation'?

Anti-EU activists file criminal charges against minister Pusic

20.01.2012 u 14:11


"The Movement for Croatia - No to the EU" on Friday pressed criminal charges against Foreign and European Affairs Minister Vesna Pusic over her statement that citizens would not receive their pensions should they vote against Croatia's EU entry at the 22 January referendum.

Euro-sceptics are convinced that by saying that, the minister committed the crime of intimidation and used her position to the detriment of Croatian state interests.

"We ask Chief State Prosecutor Mladen Bajic to immediately launch proceedings against her," movement representative Drazen Keleminec said after pressing charges.

Keleminec told reporters that the State Prosecutor's Office must respect the equality of all citizens, that everyone can be prosecuted, including minister Pusic.

If the Prosecutor's Office fails to act on these charges we will be confident that the rule of law does not exist in Croatia, Keleminec said.