Slovenian FM:

'Resuming proceedings against LB would damage Croatia's credibility'

15.05.2013 u 13:55


A possible resumption of proceedings against Slovenia's Ljubljanska Banka in Croatian courts would damage Croatia's credibility, Slovenian Foreign Minister Karl Erjavec said on Wednesday at a session of the Slovenian parliament's foreign affairs committee.

"We expect Croatia to honour the Ljubljanska Banka memorandum and that the proceedings against Ljubljanska Banka won't be resumed. That would damage Croatia's credibility," he said.

He said that during last week's talks with Croatian officials in Zagreb he was given assurances that Croatia was honouring the agreement, and that he agreed with Croatian Foreign Minister Vesna Pusic to step up efforts to start handling the bank issue through the Bank for International Settlements in Basel as soon as possible, as envisaged by the memorandum signed by the two governments.

Erjavec said that under the agreement with Pusic, the two countries' financial experts for the issue of the now-defunct Ljubljanska Banka and its former Croatian clients' foreign currency savings, should meet again soon.