Academic Solidarity:

Strike over bills on tertiary education

22.06.2011 u 12:26


The Academic Solidarity association gathering unions of employees in Croatia's tertiary education sector on Tuesday decided to initiated the procedure for going on strike after the government earlier in the day sent to parliament the draft legislation on science, high education and universities.

The association announced co-ordinated actions in Zagreb, Split, Pula, Zadar and Rijeka in the coming days.

During the strike, there will be no exams and other activities at universities will be stopped, the Academic Solidarity said in a statement.

On Tuesday afternoon Zagreb University Rector Aleksa Bjelis also expressed dissatisfaction with the draft bills which he said could undermine university autonomy, downplay the importance of the university as a research institution, and blur differences between universities and polytechnics.

Earlier on Tuesday, Science and Education Minister Radovan Fuchs criticised Bjelis for being "relatively uncooperative" in the process of elaboration of the draft bills.