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Serbia sends indictments against Seks, Vekic, Glavas and Mercep

  • Autor: Radio.net
  • Zadnja izmjena 21.09.2011 16:30
  • Objavljeno 21.09.2011 u 16:26
Vladimir Šeks izjava

Vladimir Šeks izjava

Izvor: Cropix / Autor: Davor Pongracic / CROPIX

Justice Minister Drazen Bosnjakovic said on Wednesday that Serbia had sent indictments against Vladimir Seks, Ivan Vekic, Branimir Glavas and Tomislav Mercep accusing them of war crimes and that on Tuesday he visited wartime interior minister Vekic to talk with him about the delivery of the indictment.

It is our obligation to hand him the documents which we have received, Bosnjakovic said after the Croatian government's session today.

He said that "a part of the documentation is missing" and that he could not speak "precisely about all details".

At this stage there is no request for extradition or questioning or that Croatia take over the proceedings, only that the documents be delivered, which will be done out once the documentation is complete, the minister said.

He recalled that in the 1990s the military prosecutorial authorities in Serbia had filed "one such indictment".

We must see whether the incumbent war crimes prosecutor's office in Serbia has taken over anything from that indictment and we will establish that only when we receive the full documentation, Bosnjakovic said.

Asked about the status of that indictment in Croatia, Bosnjakovic said that it was not issued by the Croatian authorities. We will see whether Serbia will request anything of us regarding that indictment, he added.

Earlier on Wednesday, Vekic said at a news conference in Osijek that the municipal court in that Croatian city had sent him an indictment issued by the Belgrade Court's war crimes department that charged him as well as Parliament Deputy Speaker Seks, Glavas, Mercep and about 40 Croatian soldiers that defended Vukovar with war crimes including genocide.

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