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Pack moves European Parliament punish Bosnia

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Doris Pack

Doris Pack

Izvor: Sipa Press / Autor: PLAVEVSKI/SIPA

Member of the European Parliament Doris Pack has suggested suspending Bosnia and Herzegovina's membership of the Council of Europe as well as aid from the European Union pre-accession funds and the interim trade agreement between Bosnia and the Union, Bosnian TV station BHT 1 said on Wednesday.

In a written statement, Pack said she had launched an initiative to that effect in the European Parliament, which is due to pass a special resolution on Bosnia.

Explaining her motion to punish Bosnia, Pack cited the inability of the Bosnian political leadership since 2009 to agree on the implementation of a European Court of Human Rights ruling to eliminate from election legislation discriminatory provisions against national minorities.

The suspension will not damage Bosnian citizens but serve as a clear warning sign to politicians, Pack said, adding that in the interest of citizens she saw no other way of warning about the seriousness of the situation caused by politicians who had failed to act.

Bosnian Foreign Minister Zlatko Lagumdzija immediately responded to Pack's motion, saying such a "brutal punishment" would be entirely inappropriate.

"If Bosnia should be brutally punished for lateness with reforms, what about the other Council of Europe member states which also aren't applying European Court of Human Rights rulings?" Fena news agency quoted him as saying.

Lagumdzija said he was sorry Pack believed the situation in Bosnia would radically change if the EU and the Council of Europe brutally punished it.


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