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INA increases diesel prices, petrol prices down

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The prices of petrol at INA's filling stations have dropped by HRK 0.03, while the prices of diesel fuels have gone up from HRK 0.14 to 0.25, the Croatian oil company said on its web site on Tuesday.

Two weeks ago, INA did not change the prices of its products. Other distributers, which at the time increased their prices, have mainly left their diesel prices unchanged, lowering petrol prices from HRK 0.24 to 0.26 per litre.

In the next two weeks, INA will be selling Eurosuper BS 95 at HRK 9.28 per litre (as against the previous price of HRK 9.31), Eurosuper BS 95 Class will be sold at HRK 9.33 (as against HRK 9.36), and Eurosuper BS 98 will be sold at HRK 9.69 per litre (as against 9.72).

Eurodiesel BS will be sold at HRK 8.82 per litre, HRK 0.25 up. The price of Eurodiesel BS Class went up from HRK 8.62 to 8.87, while the price of diesel increased from HRK 8.11 to HRK 8.35.

The new price of diesel used by fishermen and farmers is HRK 5.13 per litre (as against HRK 4.99), and the price of extra light heating oil increased from HRK 5.44 to HRK 5.60 per litre.

The distributers who two weeks ago increased their petrol and diesel prices have reduced their petrol prices by HRK 0.24-0.26, leaving their diesel prices at the same level as two weeks ago.

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