Cavoglave incident

HND criticises police for slow intervention at Cavoglave

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The Croatian Journalists' Association (HND) on Monday called on the police to identify people who assaulted a reporter and a cameraman of the national broadcaster (HTV) at events marking Victory Day in the village of Cavoglave in the Dalmatian hinterland on Thursday.

"Every physical attack and threat to journalists undermine democracy and the social order of a country," the HND said in a statement, urging the criminal prosecution of the perpetrators of the Cavoglave incident.

The association also criticised the police for what it said very slow and uninterested intervention when the incident happened.

The HTV reporters were exposed to a one-and-half-hour ill-treatment before the eyes of security guards who failed to respond and with the connivance of the police that needed much time to come to the scene of the incident, the association said.

In the meantime, the police reported the identification of the trouble-makers was under way.

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