Zagreb riots

34 assailants taken in for questioning, 5 minors released

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Privođenje Radićeva prosvjed

Privođenje Radićeva prosvjed

Izvor: Cropix / Autor: Bruno Konjević

Of 39 men who assaulted riot police during protests in the centre of Zagreb on Saturday, 34 are between 18 and 56 years old, while five attackers are under the age of 18, with the youngest being just 15 years old, the Zagreb police reported on Monday.

Juvenile assailants were released after questioning by the police, while the other 34 rioters were brought before a magistrate, police spokeswoman Jelena Bikic said on Monday.

The assailants were among a group of a few hundred rioters, some of whom were masked by hoods and scarves and were carrying banners with insulting messages, bottles, flares, firecrackers, and torches with the aim of breaking through the police cordon. One of them urinated at the protection fence.

A considerable number of police officers and attackers were injured in the riot, police cars were damaged, street lamps were broken and entrance doors and window panes on nearby apartments, galleries and shops were smashed.

The arrested attackers were held in the Remetinec detention centre overnight and were taken in for questioning on Monday morning to the Zagreb County Court, which is to decide whether they should be released or held in 48-hour detention.

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