Minister says teachers' salaries won't be cut

19.05.2012 u 12:50


The Minister of Science, Education and Sport, Zeljko Jovanovic, said on Friday that teachers' salaries had not and would not be cut and that if it happened, he would resign.

In an interview with Croatian Television, Jovanovic said teachers had the lowest salaries of all public sector workers considering the importance of their work and that he had requested that more funds be secured for the education system in the future budgets.

Commenting on the Zagreb University Senate's request of two days ago that he should withdraw proposed changes to the current law on higher education because they would force Croatian students to study abroad, Jovanovic said that the government had already allocated 52 million kuna more for higher education this year, and that next year it would allocate 30 million more.

"This government has made it possible after a long time for everyone in Croatia to attend a faculty of their choice, without having to worry about tuition fees," he said.