Economic projects

Economy minister says is for consensus between gov't, opposition

25.06.2012 u 16:37


First Deputy Prime Minister and Economy Minister Radimir Cacic said on Monday he could image a consensus between PM Zoran Milanovic and the president of the strongest opposition HDZ party, Tomislav Karamarko, on some projects.

Speaking to the press, he said that, fortunately, there was consensus on economic projects, primarily in energy but also in infrastructure, such as the rail corridors Vc and X, as well as in the food industry, irrigation, and water protection.

Cacic was asked to comment on President Ivo Josipovic's call on the ruling coalition and the opposition earlier today to cooperate on some projects and if he could imagine a consensus between Milanovic and Karamarko on some of them.

Cacic said, on the other hand, that he would not be surprised by strong attacks from the HDZ on the Ombla hydroelectric power plant project if international studies showed and confirmed the first study's findings that the project was good in the ecological and every other aspect, even though the project was launched by the previous HDZ-led government, for which it obtained loans two years ago.

He added, however, that he hoped the HDZ would not attack projects that were defined and had been launched by the previous government, and that it would have a correct and responsible relationship with the government.

Asked if Ombla and the Plomin power plant were real tests, Cacic said that they were.

He went on to say that the government did not have an influence on fuel prices.

"It's good they are falling, they will continue to fall for some more time, the political situation is calming down. It's absolutely certain that fuel taxes won't fall. Big investments are ahead," Cacic said, adding that a part of the fuel tax might be fixed.

Commenting on the government's first six months in office and citizens' criticisms that there was too much talk and not much action, Cacic said he thought that the government was working hard.