Zagreb sees record-high tourist arrivals, nights in July

12.08.2013 u 17:56


Zagreb continued to post tourism records in July thanks to a 15 per cent increase in arrivals and a 19 per cent increase in bed nights compared to July 2012, the city's tourist board said on Monday.

Ninety-one thousand tourists visited the Croatian capital last month, accounting for more than 153,000 bed nights. Foreign tourists accounted for 81,600 arrivals and nearly 137,000 bed nights, up 16 and 24 per cent respectively from July 2012.

In the first seven months of 2013, more than 434,000 tourists visited Zagreb, up 15 per cent on the year, accounting for nearly 767,000 bed nights, up 12 per cent.

Most of the foreign tourists in the first seven months of the year came from Germany, the United States, Italy, Great Britain, and France.

The Zagreb Tourist Board said the Croatian capital was one of the main topics of the popular French magazine Grands Reportages this month with a 16-page feature entitled "Zagreb - The Ultimate Capital."