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Orban: Strategically important to speed up Croatia's EU talks

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Izvor: Reuters / Autor: Reuters

It is strategically important to speed up and close the accession talks with Croatia, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in an interview with the website of the Council of the European Union, adding that a strong Europe was in everyone's interest.

EU president Hungary, which assumed the six-month presidency today, has cited among its priorities the adoption of a joint European strategy for Roma and European prospects for West Balkan countries with a view to stabilising the region, according to Orban.

"We think that speeding up and closing the accession talks with Croatia is of strategic importance," he said. He has often underlined that Croatia should join the EU as soon as possible, saying in July that it is a historical injustice that Croatia is not a member yet.

Orban also said that "we must leave the European perspective open for Serbia as well" and that "The Hungarian EU Presidency in the first half of next year considers the promotion of the Eastern Partnership to be one of its most important objectives in foreign policy; we will even organise an Eastern Partnership Summit in Budapest next May."

Orban said Europe stood before its most difficult year since the fall of Communism, adding that everyone was interested in a strong Europe "because it is a source of support and resources for all nations" and that Hungary would do everything to make sure that the community and the "Europe 2020" strategy, aimed at encouraging growth and employment, become successful.

Orban said he would visit all EU countries and try to bring Europe closer to its citizens. "I will try to reduce the divide that is so painfully wide between the European spirit and European citizens."

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