EU referendum

EU expects close cooperation between new gov't and opposition before referendum

12.12.2011 u 15:02


The head of the European Union Delegation in Zagreb, Paul Vandoren, said on Monday he was confident that the new government and the new opposition in Croatia would closely cooperate in the pre-referendum information campaign so that Croatian citizens would get all information about what they could expect after Croatia joins the European Union on July 1, 2013.

I believe it is important that all parties across the political spectrum cooperate and I believe they will do so because they have earlier stated EU accession as their top priority, Vandoren told a press conference following the signing of the Accession Treaty between Croatia and the European Union in Brussels on Friday.

Vandoren presented the main conclusions of the summit of EU heads of state or government and the communication activities of the EU Delegation aimed at informing the Croatian public about benefits of EU membership.

Reporters were shown for the first time television advertisements made as part of the Delegation's communication activities under the motto "It's worth thinking about, isn't it?" They deal with consumer rights, free movement of goods, opportunities for young people, and EU funds that will be made available to Croatia after it joins the bloc. The first advertisement will be aired by all TV networks in the country on Monday evening, while all five will be broadcast by Christmas. They will be shown again before the referendum, which is expected in February.

Vandoren said it was important that Croatian citizens were well informed and that they vote in the referendum in large numbers. He said he was optimistic about the outcome of the referendum, expressing hope that EU membership would receive strong support from Croatian voters.

When asked what he expected from the new government regarding the shipbuilding sector, Vandoren said he hoped that the new government would sign privatisation agreements as soon as possible because that issue should be solved before Croatia's entry into the EU.