EU referendum

61% of respondents in favour of Croatia's EU entry

20.01.2012 u 17:27


The results of the latest poll conducted by Ipsos Puls market research agency, published on Friday, showed that 69% of respondents would go to the referendum on Croatia's accession to the European Union and 61% would vote in favour, 28% would be against, while 11% were undecided.

The poll, commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, was carried out by telephone on a sample of 844 respondents aged 18 years and over. The results showed that 69% of those polled were certain to go the referendum, 15% would most likely take part in the vote, 4% were unlikely to vote, 8% said they were certain they would not go to the referendum, while 4% said they did not know whether they would vote or not.

By comparison, the previous poll of January 16 showed that 64% would vote in the referendum; 57% said they were in favour of Croatia's EU entry, 28% were opposed, while 15% were undecided, the ministry said.