Zagreb riots

48-hour detention for 30 people involved in Saturday's riots

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Trg u vrijeme prosvjeda 21

Trg u vrijeme prosvjeda 21

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A Zagreb County Court investigating judge has ruled 48-hour detention for 30 of 33 persons who were questioned on suspicion of involvement in attacks on police in Saturday's anti-government protests in Zagreb, while three younger attackers were released from custody pending further proceedings.

The Zagreb County Court said on its web site on Monday that the police on Sunday night arrested 33 persons suspected of rioting which occurred in downtown Zagreb, when they clashed with the police. The arrested persons were questioned today on suspicion of involvement in attacks on police.

Considering the large number of suspects, they were questioned by three judges, after which investigating judge Mirko Klinzic ruled that 30 of them should remain in custody, while three younger suspects were released pending further proceedings.

The municipal prosecutor's office is expected to submit a motion in the next 48 hours to open an investigation into the suspects and place them in custody for a month.

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