Tertiary education bills

Zagreb's Faculty of Humanities ceases work stoppage

14.07.2011 u 23:07


The council of Zagreb's Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences on Thursday decided to cease the work stoppage "having in mind the course of the ongoing Croatian parliament session and being confident that parliament will not discuss three bills on science, tertiary education and universities at this session."

These bills were the reason for a strike which the Academic Solidary began in this faculty on 6 July. The bills also triggered off dissatisfaction in a part of the academy community in Croatia.

The faculty council said in a statement that it did not give up its demand for the withdrawal of the bills form the parliamentary procedure, and welcomed announcements that the Senate of Zagreb University would put off the beginning of the academy year 2011/2012 if no full cooperation was established with the university community in the elaboration of a future strategic framework for the development of tertiary education and science as a precondition for future legislation.