Zagreb hotels ranked 3rd cleanest in the world

18.08.2013 u 20:00


Zagreb has again been ranked third among the top 20 cities in the world with the cleanest and tidiest hotels, behind Tokyo and Warsaw, and Croatian hoteliers consider this to be normal as Zagreb hotels endeavour to ensure a high standard for their guests and have been recognised by international hoteliers for their efforts for years.

The rankings were released by the German online hotel booking portal and is based on feedback from around six million guests who made their reservations via the site and stayed in those hotels.

Zagreb ranked third last year too.

Retaining this high ranking confirms the high standard of cleanliness and tidiness in Zagreb hotels, the director of the association of hotel employers (UPUHH), Iva Bahunek, told the press on Friday.

This has been confirmed by an analysis conducted at the European Union level by the largest European hotel association, HOTREC, of which UPUHH is a member.

Zagreb hotels were given a score of 8.53, as against last year's 8.57. Not one city was given a perfect score of 10 or even nine. The cleanest hotels in Tokyo scored 8.91 and Warsaw's hotels scored 8.76.

The web site notes that guests assessed cleanliness in hotels but also the quality of the rooms, the offer-price ratio, as well as staff hospitality and competence.