Sanader verdict

Prosecutors satisfied with former PM's conviction

20.11.2012 u 12:39


The national anti-corruption office's (USKOK) prosecutors said on Tuesday they were satisfied with the conviction against former prime minister Ivo Sanader in the Hypo Alpe Adria Bank and INA-MOL cases and the prison sentence of 10 years imposed on the defendant.

After the sentencing hearing at the Zagreb County Court at which Judge Ivan Turudic delivered a guilty verdict, prosecutors Vanja Marusic and Tamara Laptos said, "everything has been said. We are satisfied with the conviction and that our work has been given a court epilogue".

Asked by reporters if the conviction was a message to all officials, the prosecutors answered in the affirmative.

As the sentence is more than five years, Sanader will immediately be taken to the Remetinec remand prison.