President Josipovic receives Person of the Year Award

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Croatian President Ivo Josipovic received in Banja Luka on Monday evening the 2010 Person of the Year Award of the local Nezavisne Novine newspaper.

Addressing those present at the award-giving ceremony, Josipovic said that he regarded the award as a sign of acknowledgement to all those promoting the policy of reconciliation, understanding and coexistence.

He thanked Zeljko Kopanja, owner of Nezavisne Novine and longtime reporter who in 1999 was targeted for his advocacy of coexistence and lost both legs in the explosion of a bomb planted under his car.

Josipovic said he was grateful that the ceremony had brought together representatives of all peoples living in Bosnia and Herzegovina, representatives from countries in the region, and ambassadors of many countries.

He spoke of the difficult past of the region, including the 1990s wars.

Some crimes have been prosecuted and some have not, Josipovic said, underlining the importance of punishing every crime and giving every victim sympathy and respect.

Speaking of cooperation in the region, he cited a proverb which says that it is better to have a good neighbour than the best of fences.

"I would like us to have the best of neighbours, the best of friends, and to one day be together a part of the European Union as partners and associates," Josipovic said at the event that was attended by some 300 people.

"All that I want for members of my own nation and for my own country, the Republic of Croatia, I want also for members of other nations, for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, for all countries in this region," Josipovic said.

Along with the Person of the Year Award, Josipovic also received a present - a painting – and a reward in the amount of 2,000 convertible marks (approx. EUR 1,000), which he donated to the department for children's diseases of the Banja Luka Hospital.

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