Polish Ambassador:

Poland's proposal regarding accession treaty in 10 days

07.07.2011 u 14:16


One of the important goals of Poland's presidency over the European Union is the signing of an accession treaty with Croatia, and where and when it will be signed has not been agreed yet, Polish Ambassador Wieslaw Tarka said in Zagreb on Thursday.

He was speaking at a press conference organised by the EU Delegation to Croatia on the occasion of Poland's six-month EU presidency, which began on July 1.

Tarka was hopeful that he would be able to present Poland's proposal regarding the accession treaty in 10 days.

The group working on the treaty will convene in a few days and evaluate when the treaty can be written, after which Poland decides where and when it will be signed, he said, adding there was little room for speculation and that this was only a technical matter.

After being signed, the accession treaty has to be ratified by all EU member states.

During its EU presidency, Poland will focus on three priorities - European integration as a source of growth, a safe Europe, and a Europe benefitting from openness, said Tarka.

The Polish government maintains that economic growth in Europe can be kickstarted by strengthening the internal market, notably by eliminating obstacles to services and online trade.

Poland sees the European budget as an important instrument that can help achieve sustainable economic growth and a debate on the EU's budget for 2014-2020 will begin during Poland's presidency.

The concept of a safe Europe envisages strengthening macro-economic security, energy supply security, and the common agricultural policy.

It also envisages strengthening security on the EU's outer borders through the strengthening of the FRONTEX agency and of the Union's military and civilian capacities, and in this context Poland wants to intensify EU-NATO dialogue.

Europe's openness envisages the continuation of enlargement in the Western Balkans and strengthening of cooperation with neighbours.

Another important event during Poland's EU presidency will be a summit with the countries participating in the Eastern Partnership project - Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.

The head of the EU Delegation to Croatia, Paul Vandoren, Danish Ambassador Bo Eric Weber, and Cypriot Ambassador Marios Lyssiotis also spoke at the press conference.