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Jakovcic: What Kajin is offering is utter chaos

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Ivan Jakovčić

Ivan Jakovčić

Izvor: Cropix / Autor: Srecko Niketic / CROPIX

The presidency of the Istrian Democratic Party (IDS) who met in the Istrian town of Rovinj on Monday decided to set up an election headquarters for the upcoming local elections and that the party's deputy leader Boris Miletic would represent the party's interests in the ruling coalition government at the national level.

Party leader Ivan Jakovcic told the press after the meeting that he personally wished to dedicate himself to the elections for the European Parliament. He added that he had spoken to the heads of the Istrian branch of the Croatian People's Party (HNS) and that the talks were excellent and full of substance and that the results of that meeting would be made known at the end of the week once HNS delegates consulted with their party.

He advised that with the departure of party member Damir Kajin, the IDS no longer had a caucus in parliament and that he had spoken to the Italian minority MP Furio Radin regarding this matter.

"Radin has been our long term political friend and partner and has participated on our election lists and we would be pleased to have him participate in our parliamentary bench", said Jakovcic.

Responding to questions by reporters, Jakovcic said that Kajin had not only ruined his own reputation but that of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) - the senior ruling coalition partner. SDP's support for Kajin has already shown to be detrimental for the party, Jakovcic said.

He regretted that his party would not be in coalition with the SDP at the local elections because it was in fact the "IDS, SDP, and HNS coalition that had brought stability, security, seriousness and responsibility to Istria, and what Kajin is offering is utter chaos".

IDS candidate for county prefect in the coming elections Valter Flego said that the county was an "operational body and not a platform for politicising".

"I will deal with concrete matters because speculation cannot employ anyone", he said.

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