Growing support among Croatians for EU membership

02.12.2010 u 18:15


As many as 64 percent of Croatians would vote for Croatia's admission to the European Union if the referendum were held now, according to the latest poll which the Ipsos Puls agency conducted for the Croatian Foreign Affairs and European Integration Ministry.

The findings of the survey, released by the ministry on Thursday, show a steady rise in support for Croatia's EU aspirations.

"Yes" for Croatia's EU entry would be circled by 64 percent of those who would go to the polls in November, which is a 12-percent rise from June this year.

The turnout would also be higher. As many as 76 percent of Croatians would go to the polls for the EU entry referendum in November, while in September and October these figures were 73 percent and 70 percent respectively.

Broken down by region, the Zagreb area offered the greatest support, with 82 percent of respondents in favour of EU membership. It was followed by the coastal region and the Istria peninsula with 80 percent, and the central region of Lika and Banovina with 79 percent.

In the eastern region of Slavonia, support for EU membership rose from 33 percent in September and 45 percent in October to 68 percent in November.

Broken down by education qualifications, the greatest support came from people with university degrees (69 percent), while support among people with secondary-school qualifications rose from 47 percent in October to 53 percent in November.