Dragan Vasiljkovic captured after 43 days on run

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Balkans war crimes suspect Dragan Vasiljkovic has been arrested after 43 days on the run. The Australian reported on Wednesday.

The Australian Federal Police arrested Mr Vasiljkovic just before 5pm at an undisclosed location, according to the daily..

AFP officers had focused a large part of their search on the Coffs Harbour region on the state's north coast, his last known address.

Vasiljkovic - also known as Daniel Snedden - has been missing since March 30 when the High Court reimposed an order to extradite him to Croatia to face questioning in relation to war crimes charges.

The 55-year-old Australian citizen is accused by Croatian authorities of ordering the abuse and interrogation of Croatian prisoners during the 1990s Balkan conflict.

The Australian understands AFP officers had been working closely with Dutch police and had received information from their officers that eventually led to his arrest.

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