'Occupy Croatia'

Activists protest against strategic investments bill

26.01.2013 u 20:00


Activists of the Occupy Croatia movement protested in Zagreb and Split on Saturday against a bill on strategic investments.

In Zagreb, they rallied in the main square, then proceeded towards the government's building where they said they did not consent to the sale of natural resources and the common good.

The press estimated there were about 70 activists.

Drazen Heroic of Occupy Croatia told Hina citizens had been invited via Facebook to rally in Zagreb, Split and Rijeka. "This is a fight for the common good, against a bill that they want to enact in fast track," he said.

Police said the protest passed peacefully and that there were about 50 activists.

In the coastal city of Split, about 20 activists protested against the bill with a peaceful one-hour procession.

Protesters said the politicians from the HDZ and SDP, the two parties in power over the last 20 years, were several times richer at the end of their terms than before.