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Union federation supports teachers' and nurses' strike

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  • Zadnja izmjena 29.11.2012 13:05
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željo stipić, štrajk, zvonimir laktašić

željo stipić, štrajk, zvonimir laktašić

Izvor: Pixsell / Autor: Pixsell

The Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Croatia (SSSH) on Thursday fully supported the strike of teachers, scientists and nurses.

The SSSH expresses union solidarity and gives its full support to the strike for the preservation of rights and working conditions, organised in elementary schools, high schools, universities, research institutes and health institutions by trade unions of elementary and secondary school teachers and the nurses' trade union.

The union stressed that the planned reduction of funds for education, science and the health sector would lead to a poor quality of those public services, the consequence of which will be that education and health services will be a privilege of the rich.

Health Minister Rajko Ostojic and Science and Education Minister Zeljko Jovanovic said they respected the right to strike, adding however that there was no reason for today's strike, given that negotiations on the Basic Collective Agreement were under way.

The trade unions of elementary and secondary school teachers and the nurses' trade union started a day-long warning strike on Thursday in protest against the cancellation of the Basic Collective Agreement for public-sector services, the planned cancellation of supplemental income benefits, against reducing the budget for education and science and against cuts in salaries for teachers.

The nurses' trade union organised the day-long warning strike against the ban on employment of new medical staff despite the fact that the health care system is now short of 12,000 nurses.

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