Protest rally

Protest against use of Cyrillic script in Croatia starts in Zagreb

07.04.2013 u 13:30


The Committee for the Defence of Croatian Vukovar that oppose plans to introduce Cyrillic as a second official alphabet organised a protest rally against the Cyrillic script in Zagreb on Sunday.

Several thousand people from throughout Croatia who gathered for the rally called No To The Cyrillic Script In Croatia" carried banner reading "Politicians, enough with betraying Croatia's national interest!", "Remember Vukovar".

Another rally was organised in the eastern Croatian town of Vukovar in February by the Committee for the Defence of Croatian Vukovar, comprising people who defended the town against Serb paramilitaries backed by the Yugoslav army during the war in the early 1990s.ined by residents of Vukovar and people who came from throughout the country.

President Josipovic said yesterday he expected Sunday's rally to be held in compliance with the law.

Public transportation through the main Square, where the rally is held, has been discontinued.