Anti-Fascist Struggle Day

PM: Values of anti-fascism incorporated in Croatia's foundations

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jadranka kosor

jadranka kosor

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The values and tenets of anti-fascism are incorporated in the foundations of the free and democratic Croatia, Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor said in her message on the occasion of Anti-Fascist Struggle Day which Croatia celebrates on 22 June.

"Observing Anti-Fascist Struggle Day we remember 22 June 1941 when the Croatian people founded one of the first anti-Fascist units in the occupied Europe as well as a great victory over one of the biggest evils in history. Today we pay tribute to all victims of Nazism and fascism, who deserve our reverence, gratitude and ever-lasting remembrance," Kosor said in her message on Wednesday.

Thanks to the persistent struggle against fascism, Nazism and other forms of totalitarianism, Croatia is today a free and democratic country, she said among other things.

Having in mind those who gave their lives for freedom and thinking of the coming generations, it is our duty and obligation to preserve the universal values of peace and tolerance, dignity and democracy so that the evil of fascism and any other form of totalitarianism would never again occur, the premier said.

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