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Josipovic: Postponing completion of entry talks threatens referendum

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32  Ivo Josipović

32 Ivo Josipović

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Croatian President Ivo Josipovic told Reuters in Dubrovnik on Tuesday that the end of June remained the target date for completing Croatia's accession negotiations with the European Union, warning that a delay would make citizens disgruntled, which could affect the outcome of a referendum on Croatia's EU accession.

"Our citizens are waiting and waiting and when you postpone and postpone, it creates some kind of unhappiness that can influence even our referendum," Josipovic said.

"So it is very important to finish the negotiations as soon as possible, especially because we are convinced that we are mostly fulfilling the necessary requirements," he was quoted as saying.

Josipovic said Croatia should hold parliamentary elections soon after completing the EU talks and an EU referendum shortly afterwards.

"What is very important is to have elections before the referendum and not to project attachment to one or another party on the referendum... A new cabinet has to prepare a referendum without political fights."

Josipovic said he felt that most citizens would support EU entry, but warned that dissatisfaction could demotivate people from voting.

"A failure of the referendum will be a disaster not only for Croatia but for the EU as well because Croatia is somehow a measure of European success in this region," the president said.

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