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HSP accuses gov't of being afraid of publishing results of EU entry talks

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daniel srb

daniel srb

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Croatian Party of Rights (HSP) leader Daniel Srb on Tuesday accused the government of being afraid to publish the results of the negotiations with the European Union, adding that the cabinet of Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor had posted on its web site only the negotiating positions.

It is the results of the negotiations that need to be seriously analysed and that can show how successful the Croatian negotiators have been, Srb told a news conference in Zagreb.

According to him, Croatia has so far received some 1.3 billion euros in various forms of assistance from the EU versus the EUR 3.5 billion granted to Serbia, although it is still not an EU member candidate, which Srb said spoke enough of Croatia's position in the process of integration into the European Union.

The leader of this parliamentary party criticised "Tesla Stedna Banka savings bank", the main purpose of which is to create economic conditions for the return and survival of Serb returnees in Croatia. Srb holds that special opportunities for members of one people are discriminatory against other Croatian citizens, adding that all citizens should be equally treated in banks.

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