Former high ranking HDZ official testifies at Sanader trial

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Luka Bebić

Luka Bebić

Izvor: Cropix / Autor: Tomislav Kristo / CROPIX

Former parliament speaker and ex-member of the presidency of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) Luka Bebic testified in the trial of ousted HDZ leader and ex-PM Ivo Sanader on Monday and claimed that he had never heard of a party slush fund which was allegedly filled with millions of kuna from state owned companies and laundered through the Fimi Media marketing agency.

Bebic testified that he had heard of Fima Media prior to that but had never heard this company mentioned as being HDZ's official marketing agency.

He was aware that some entertainers were paid by the party but just assumed that they were paid above board.

He claimed that the party had sufficient funds to finance its expenses but presidential campaigning required extra income. He added that parties all over the world are funded through donations.

He claimed that he had no knowledge that Sanader had purchased art works with the mediation of former HDZ treasurer Mladen Barisic but also that Barisic was not a member of their inner circle of friends.

Bebic further testified that he had full confidence in Barisic as far as his work as the party's treasurer was concerned, but that later some details about him came to light, of which he personally had no knowledge. Barisic, too is one of the accused in the Fimi Media trial.

He added that when Sanader came to head the party he introduced the principle of subsidiarity in the party, delegating some responsibilities to local leaders.

The party's agenda was compiled in agreement with the presidency and secretary-general while members could make proposals for the agenda. Prior to the presidency meeting, a narrow presidency meeting was held which is not stipulated in the party's statute but virtually did exist, the witness said.

The trial is to continue with the defence calling new witnesses who performed in various election campaigns.

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