'Disgrace for Church'

Zuroff protests against Mass for Ustasha leader Pavelic

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Efraim Zuroff

Efraim Zuroff

Izvor: Reuters / Autor: Reuters

The Simon Wiesenthal Centre, which searches for former Nazi criminals, condemned on Monday a Mass held in Zagreb in late December in memory of Ustasha leader Ante Pavelic, saying it was a big insult to the memory of Pavelic's many victims.

The service was held on the 51st anniversary of Pavelic's death and represents a disgrace for the Church in Croatia, said the Centre's director, Efraim Zuroff, adding that it was incomprehensible that such a thing was happening in a country on the verge of joining the European Union.

Zuroff wants the Croatian authorities to ban such events in the future and called on religious leaders to oust from their ranks the priests who celebrated the service which he said mocked Christian values.

Zagreb Archdiocese spokesman Zvonko Franc said everyone had the right to request Mass for the salvation of someone's soul and that he would not comment on any politicising of the matter.

Croatian media have reported that services for Pavelic were held in Zagreb and Split late last month. In Zagreb, Mass were celebrated by Jesuits Vjekoslav Lasic and Stanislav Kos, while in Split, it was celebrated by Vjenceslav Kujundzic.

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