Stanimirovic: 'Serbia may not try Tihomir Purda'

  • Autor: Radio.net
  • Zadnja izmjena 10.02.2011 11:23
  • Objavljeno 10.02.2011 u 11:20


Izvor: tportal.hr / Autor: Tportal

President of the Independent Serb Democratic Party (SDSS) has stated that there is a chance that Croatian war veteran Tihomir purda may not be tried by Serbia.

Appearing on a local television station in Osijek, President of the SDSS, Vojislav Stanimirovic, said that Serbia will likely not try Croatian war veteran and Vukovar defender Tihomir Purda - if it is proved that the only evidence against him are coerced confessions.

'Regarding the Purda case, President Boris Tadić said that Serbia will not take the case if there is no other evidence of Purda committing crimes other than the testimonies of prisoners', Stanimirović stated.

Tihomir Purda is in custody in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where his extradition process has been prolonged by up to six months pending a court decision for his extradition to Serbia.

The Croatian State Prosecution has not requested Purda's extradition to Croatia after an investigation found that there are no grounds for a criminal trial against him.

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