Hodak murder trial

Slogar sentenced to 30 yrs in jail for Ivana Hodak murder

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Mladen Šlogar, izricanje presude

Mladen Šlogar, izricanje presude

Izvor: tportal.hr / Autor: Lucija Bušić/tportal.hr

The Zagreb County Court on Friday handed down a 30-year prison sentence pending appeal to Mladen Slogar, a homeless man who confessed to killing young legal trainee Ivana Hodak in downtown Zagreb in 2008.


A panel of judges presided by Ivan Turudic sentenced Slogar for murder in the first degree committed out of reckless revenge, as the Zagreb County Prosecutor's Office described it in the indictment.

In closing statements earlier today, prosecutor Dunja Pavlicek demanded the harshest penalty, while defence counsel said that despite Slogar's confession, the crime was not proven.

Before the verdict, Slogar once again declined Judge Turudic's invitation that he make a closing statement. Slogar stood mute throughout the six-month trial.

Hodak was shot dead on 6 October 2008 on the stairs of a building in which she lived with her parents. The building is located near the headquarters of the Zagreb police. The murder prompted the dismissal of the then interior and justice ministers and the police director.

Despite many holes in his testimony, Slogar confessed to the crime in court and to the police, claiming he committed it out of revenge against the victim's father, prominent Zagreb lawyer Zvonimir Hodak, for failing to help him find a job 14 years before.

Testifying in court, Hodak said Slogar's motive was "false, fabricated and incorrect" and that the murder of his daughter was related to his defence of Vladimir Zagorec, a retired general.

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