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If a referendum held today 61% of Croats for EU

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Europska unija

Europska unija

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It is vital to continue informing Croatian citizens about the European Union and if a referendum were held today 61% of Croatian citizens would be in favour of the Union, was said at the presentation of a survey of Croatians' opinion on the EU.

The general attitude toward the EU is positive and there hasn't been any significant changes over the past two years. The survey results show that 46% of Croatia citizens have a positive attitude toward the EU and 29% are negative while 23% are neutral.

There is still a great need to inform citizens about the European Union as 70% of respondents said they hadn't even tried to inform themselves about matters relating to the EU. Only 16% consider they are well informed on this matter.

Head of the EU Delegation to Croatia Paul Vandoren said this was the last survey the delegation was to conduct as the office is to close down as of June 30 and on July 1 a European Commission office will be opened.

The survey was conducted on a sample of 1,004 respondents older than 15, from 2 to 19 April this year.


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