'High-risk project'

Locals against construction of Ombla power plant

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  • Zadnja izmjena 21.06.2012 18:27
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Izvor: tportal.hr / Autor: Tportal

The residents of Rijeka Dubrovacka in southern Croatia held a press conference on Thursday asking Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic to abandon plans for the construction of the future Ombla hydroelectric power plant.

The inhabitants recalled that the ruling coalition said during the election campaign that if it came to power, it would not support the construction of the plant.

Marin Pavlovic said that a study made by the HEP power utility company in 2009 concluded that Rijeka Dubrovacka was not an earthquake area, when in fact it was one of the most endangered areas in this part of Europe. He added that this was also the area with the most landslide sites in Croatia.

The locals said the plant would endanger the water sources in the area and that it was tied to plans to build golf courses and hotels on the Srdj hill.

They asked the government to make public auditor findings and said they would inform the head of the European Union Delegation to Croatia, Paul Vandoren, of everything.

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