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Bosnian police arrest fourth suspect in US embassy shooting

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Mevlid Jašarević vehabije

Mevlid Jašarević vehabije

Izvor: Reuters / Autor: Reuters

Police in Bosnia and Herzegovina have arrested another person in connection with last month's attack on the United States embassy in Sarajevo, the state prosecutor's office said on Tuesday.

Police have searched several locations in Osve village near the central town of Maglaj and in Maglaj itself, and have carried out a similar operation in Gornja Maoca near the northern town of Brcko where a fourth person suspected of involvement in the terrorist attack of October 28 has been arrested, the prosecutor's office said.

Osve and Gornja Maoca have communities of Wahhabis, followers of the radical branch of Islam. One of them is 23-year-old Mevlid Jasarevic who carried out the attack on the US embassy in Sarajevo.

Jasarevic, who was wounded by a police sniper during the attack, is in prison in Sarajevo and under investigation. He, Dino Pecenkovic of Maoca and Munib Ahmetspahic of Zenica have been remanded in custody for 30 days. The two other men have been arrested for helping Jasarevic.

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