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Zagreb Jewish Film Festival to be held on 22-28 May

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Zagreb will host the 5th Jewish Film Festival on 22-28 May.

The festival, dedicated to the Holocaust, the only one that promotes Jewish culture through its rich film program, screenings, musical events, meetings with world known film directors, producers and actors, thus educating through movies about the Holocaust, tolerance and mutual values being a foundation of happy coexistence in different national and religious surroundings.

The fifth Zagreb Jewish Film Festival will be held in the Europa cinema. It will be organised with the theme “Women in the Holocaust” and it will be dedicated to all women who were forced to cope with all terrors of the Second World War using their strength, courage, and confidence.

On the screen in the Europa cinema in Zagreb, during seven days of the festival, we will show about forty movies. The selected film program mainly includes renown films awarded on other film festivals so that the Jewish Film festival can already be proud of respectable world known film makers who were guests in the previous years.

The entrance to the Zagreb Jewish Film Festival is free of charge.

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