Padjani military complex

Situation on fire site calm, no explosions

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Požar i eksplozija kod Knina (3)

Požar i eksplozija kod Knina (3)

Izvor: Pixsell / Autor: Ivo Cagalj/PIXSELL

The situation on the fire site in the Padjani military complex outside Knin is calm and there are no explosions, the head of the Regional Office for Protection and Rescue Operations, Milovan Kevic, told press on Thursday morning.

Kevic said that the situation on the fire site would depend on the direction of the winds during the day.

"All residents have been returned to their homes because there is no major risk, but they have been cautioned about sporadic explosions, which could be heard yesterday afternoon," Kevic said.

The Armed Forces Chief of Staff, Lt. Gen. Drago Lovric, said in a Croatian television prime-time news programme on Wednesday evening that the fire had not broken out in the depot and that the Armed Forces were not responsible.

The sections of the roads D1 and D59 in the area are still closed to traffic.

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