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Paravinja remanded in custody for another month

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Dragan Paravinja (2)

Dragan Paravinja (2)

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Dragan Paravinja, a 43-year-old truck driver suspected of the disappearance of 17-year-old Antonia Bilic, was remanded in custody for another 30 days, Paravinja's court-appointed attorney Branko Baica said on Friday.

Attorney Vinko Ljubicic, who represents Bilic's family in proceedings against Paravinja before the County Court in the coastal city of Sibenik, last week proposed introducing new evidence in the investigation which is being conducted against the truck driver on the suspicion that he killed the 17-year-old girl from Kricka near the southern town of Drnis. Ljubicic at the time requested that the court hear two new witnesses, and investigating judge Igor Ninic is to decide on the motion in the coming days.

Paravinja will remain in custody in Sibenik until the completion of the investigation, unless Bosnian judicial authorities request his extradition.

A court in Sokolac near Sarajevo is yet to make the final ruling in a case in which Paravinja is charged with attempted rape. According to available information, no extradition request has arrived yet.

Paravinja, who was arrested in Bosnia and Herzegovina, initially admitted to having killed Bilic, but later claimed that the police had extorted his confession. The police are still looking for the girl, who went missing on June 7.

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