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Officials: Gov't keeps no secret about negotiating documentation

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Hrvatska Europska unija

Hrvatska Europska unija

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Croatian government officials on Tuesday reiterated that the government posted on its web sites everything it had adopted during the six-year-long accession negotiations with the European Union, while the publication of the EU documents should be requested in Brussels.

Foreign Affairs and and European Integration Ministry State Secretary Andrej Plenkovic and Chief Negotiator Vladimir Drobnjak convened a news conference today to refute media speculations and claims by some political actors that the government had kept something secret regarding the EU accession negotiations' documentation.

"There is no secrets, no manipulations, no dilemmas," Plenkovic said stressing that the government posted on the web site the entire negotiating documentation only 15 hours after the end of the last intergovernmental accession conference.

"There are no documents which the government possesses but does not want to make public for this or that reason," Plenkovic said.

As for the EU documents, the question for their release should be referred to Brussels, Drobnjak said.

Drobnjak and Plenkovic informed the news conference of the course of the elaboration of an accession treaty which Croatia is to sign with the EU by the end of this year.

The two officials announced a meeting for next week in Brussels between Croatian and European experts who should agree on the pace of the preparation of that document.

The results of the work on the treaty should be known in the early autumn and after that a procedure in the EU should be launched so as to ensure its signing by the end of the year, Plenkovic said.

Although he does not expect any major problem, Drobnjak warns that this is a complex job requiring attention to technical and linguistic details.

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