'Expensive and crazy'

Gov't tells Pack president, not gov't calls elections for EP

  • Autor: Radio.net
  • Zadnja izmjena 09.03.2013 13:49
  • Objavljeno 09.03.2013 u 11:00
Doris Pack

Doris Pack

Izvor: Sipa Press / Autor: PLAVEVSKI/SIPA

The Croatian government on Friday evening issued a statement in reaction to MEP Doris Pack's statement concerning the decision on holding elections for the EP, saying that the elections were called by the President and not the government.

This is not the government's decision. Under the law on the election of Croatian deputies to the European Parliament, the elections are called by head of state, who previously consulted parliamentarian parties, the State Election Commission and nongovernmental organisations.

Pack said on Friday that the Croatian government's decision not to hold elections for the EP together with local elections was expensive and crazy.

I don't understand this decision and I don't think it's wise, because a lot of money is wasted that could have been invested in education, for example, Pack said at a round table on Croatia's European prospects at Europe House that was organised by the Zagreb branch of the opposition HDZ party.


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