'NO to the EU'

Several hundred people gather for anti-EU rally in Zagreb

14.01.2012 u 16:33


The "Council for Croatia - NO to the EU", which comprises 14 nonparliamentary political parties and a score of association, staged a rally against Croatia's prospective European Union membership in the downtown Zagreb on Saturday.

According to reporters' estimates, several hundred people gathered at the rally.

Speakers at the rally criticised the Croatian authorities for their pro-European policy which they described as "treacherous" and "subservient to the European power-mongering centres".

Addressing the rally, the leader of the Croatian Pure Party of Rights, Josip Miljak, said the European association was falling apart at the seams, and he called on the Croatians to vote against the country's membership in the EU which he described as outdated.

Zeljko Sacic said that the Croatian political elites had turned their back on the electorate and that during the EU accession negotiations they had acceded to the term "a conflict in the 1990s " for the Croatian Homeland Defence War.

Ivan Pernar said that there was no democracy in Croatia.

Earlier on Saturday, the HRAST movement held a news conference at which its activists called on the voters to vote against Croatia's EU membership at the 22 January referendum.

Ladislav Ilicic said that in the event of the negative outcome of the referendum, set for 22 January, another referendum would be held in six months' time which would be sufficient for voters to be better informed about the EU.

HRAST activists cited three reasons for voting "No" at the referendum: not enough public debates resulting in insufficient information on the matter, problems which the EU is now facing and the lack of credibility of the previous and current government in protection of Croatia's national interests.