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Serb entity gives itself Bosnian state property

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The Bosnian Serb entity's parliament on Tuesday passed a law allocating all the state property to that entity, although the international community's High Representative to Bosnia Herzegovina imposed a ban on using that property.

In 2005, the then High Representative Paddy Ashdown enacted the ban on the use of property which belonged to the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1991 or property subject to succession.

A majority of Serb deputies in the parliament of the Republic of Srpska in Banja Luka voted for the law, with Bosniak deputies being against it.

The new legislation reads that all the property on the territory of the Serb republic is owned by that entity, and that a part of the property concerned can be put at the disposal of the institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina for the purpose of performing their duties.

The Office of the current High Representative Valentin Inzko said in a statement that the adoption of the legislation showed that the Serb entity was pursuing a contradictory policy.

Although Serb politicians insist on the closing of the Office of the High Representative (OHR), they at the same time prolong the work of the Office byy passing such legislation, the OHR said in the statement.

One of the conditions for the OHR to cease its work in Bosnia is reaching agreement on the compilation of the state property inventory and on how it will be used.

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